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Hello everyone! 
I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts, but I am a wallflower. I don’t find it easy to talk to someone directly as in face to face, and tell about what I feel and everything.. So i chose pen and paper, I mean writing to express myself.. I hope you’ll be with me all through the way to being one. 

God bless! Love lots😉😘

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Dreams do come true..

I was at the corridor of our college building waiting for our nameplates as I went into a daze, reminiscing how I chose the career to be a Medical technologist..
When I was in grade school, there were medical practitioners visiting our school once a year. They were there to get blood, urine and stool samples from the pupils for them to test. They had with them their equipments: test tubes, syringes, microscopes, lancet, and a lot more. 

They first test our urine. So they sent students group by group to the comfort room. It was ridiculous because some of us can’t pee resulting for us to share urines. Can you imagine that? Hahaha we do not know, besides we were just kids.

The next was blood testing. And that was the hard part. I clearly remember how I used to tremble. Why? Because of needles, because of pin pricks, because of the blood, because of the nightmare it gave to us. I used to hate blood. I was afraid. 

The next was stool testing or fecalysis. Of course that was optional. I can only imagine the putrid smell of our surroundings back then. Haha 

But then, I was curious. Why were they doing those things? how are they doing those things? how can they say that we were anemic or that we had a urinary tract infection? how can they say if we had a worm? I had plenty of questions back then, I was full of them. That was the time I said to myself, I want to be like them, no, I will be like them. And that was the time my path was chosen, the path to be a medical technologist.

And now I am already in college, a third year student. 2 year had past, and the list of questions I had when I was in grades school is starting to untangle. 2 years more, 2 years of waiting, 2 years of enduring, 2 years of striving, 2 of studying, and 2 years of answering the questions that are longing to be answered. It’s funny how curiosity turned me into who I am right now. Who have thought I would be a Med tech. Who would have thought that the girl who once feared blood, who fead red needles and syringes, would love them in the end.

If we should just believe in ourselves, believe in our abilities, believe in our dreams, of what we can do, of what we can achieve, we can do it. We should push ourselves to try harder even if it’s hard. And don’t forget to ask guidance from the Lord. As it says in the bible, in Philippians 4:13, i quote ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Even if we are weak, if we just submit ouselves to Him, then He will strengthen us.

Just dream, believe, and act upon it. You can do it. Trust me. Dreams do come true😉☺ 

Fagged Butterfly

A stint of hope in a gloomy day

A butterfly lost in the direction of no where

Above, the clouds became furious

Shooting sinister thunder and lightning

Big drops of rain poured rangily

Draping the beautiful wings of the poorly.

It flapped its wings uncertain where to go.

Then found a place where it can stay

Tired and shaky with flimsy wings it lay 

Lulled by the sound of the wind 

And the rastling of rain and leaves

The fagged butterly slowly closed its eyes.

With Birds screeching and tweeting

Rays of the sunlight peeking in between,

Unfold its wings and spread wide

Now it can continue the disrupted flight

With hope flustered through its face

To find the goal that keeped its wings in state. 


Time Machine

I was staring at the sky

Suddenly, I saw pictures,

Moments between you and me.

I can see the joy,

I can see the smile,

I can see the laughter,

Altogether we shared.

But I can feel the pain

And bit by bit, its killing me.

I want to close my eyes,

I want to stop,

I want to forget everything.

And yet, here I am daydreaming,

Wishing you’re here with me,

Wishing that nothing happened,

Wishing that I can go to the past,

Wishing to correct all the mistakes.

I wish, I have a TIME MACHINE..


Life and its claimed Unfairness…

“Life is not unfair, only peole makes it unfair”  I heard from someone. And it occur to me it’s true. I’ve always thought it is. And somehow those simple words made my perspectives go tangled. 

I had an inner struggle, how come life isn’t unfair? We always say, they are so smart, so rich, they are beautiful, they have a nice figure, why are they happy, and so on and so forth. We always question ourselves, why are we not like them? It is always like that. And we can’t help it.

But come to think of it. See things in the bigger picture. There are a lot of people out there who are more unfortunate than us. For example, there are people out there who are deceased, whos  life are already at bay. They might think that life is so unfair, and yet they still believe, they still fight. Because they still want to live. Isn’t it frustrating to still fight even if you aren’t sure of the chances?

 Think of your problems and also think of others, it will make you realize that it’s not about fairness. It’s about us. About our decisions in life. It is about contentment. If we just look at the bigger picture.

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