Journey (Part 10)

With all the pain you left me,

I found myself within thee.

I was long imprisoned in the dark

With pain hammering in my heart

My eyes with tears, they blurred.

My voice begging to be heard

With a pen in hand.

I begin to stand.

The words spurt, bleeding

Etched in a paper, it’s smiting.

With the world around me,

As witness of my journey.

This is my path, this is me.

And I chose me.

©to the owner of the photo☺

6 thoughts on “Journey (Part 10)

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  1. I felt your pain the pressure
    Your heart guiding your pen
    Express, don’t feel lesser
    Your words let them open
    Like a key to your dresser

    Your honesty now exposing
    You your very true emotions
    When writing, or composing
    Your unrequited love, devotion
    His obsessiveness, imposing

    Making you feel your wrong
    Has you in a vise like grip
    Time to give a swan song
    Catch him out make him trip
    The truth you knew all along

    In case you did not know
    I am the Dreamcatcher
    And before I let you go
    Dream, one more chapter
    Find a man who’ll love you so

    So I can catch your dream
    Set you free to pursue love
    Find a King, be his Queen
    A nudge, a gentle tiny shove
    Awake, not aware I’ve been

    You will feel your soul refreshed
    Your thoughts no longer in mess
    Your heart no more enmeshed
    Start looking for a wedding dress
    All done, dawn, time for me to rest

    Your beautiful sad poem inspired me
    To reply in verse, with my poetry
    Thanking you so much, hope you like it
    As much as I did composing and writing it.
    Thanks again, me the Dreamcatcher,

    PS I will be posting this on my blog watch out for a pingback!


    1. Wow!! That is so beautiful❤ Thank you so much Sir Dreamcatcher. 😁 well at first, when I started the series, my original plan was to make it a happy ending. For the girl to have found someone that will love. But it didn’t turned out like that.. But maybe, someday, I will write a sequel.

      Again, thank you for this poem, I really appreciate it.😁

      Can I reblog it??

      Liked by 1 person

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